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My Business Plan Writing Services

7 Day Turnaround plane Affordable & Effective!

  • "Clarity" Plan

  • $587/00
  • A basic plan centred around the most important part of any business plan – your financial forecast. The forecast essentially identifies what your business will look like in its first year of operation – revenues, costs, expenses and profit – and prove that your business idea can work.
  • "Bank Ready" Plan

  • $1167/00
  • A complete plan with all the things you need to meet with a lender. Concept, Financial Forecast, Start-Up Costs, Marketing Strategy and Roster of Key Players. With this plan in hand you’ll be ready to present to lenders and to get moving on your business.
  • "Mentoring" Plan

  • $1987/00
  • Having a business plan is one thing, knowing how to put that plan into action is another. I add an element with this plan that helps you through the process of moving from the planning phase through actually opening your business. Individual one-on-one  ‘coaching’ from me.
I Only Write “Customized” Plans
Every business is different; so every business plan has to be different. That’s what you get with me.
paul morgan business plan writer

Call for a Free Consultation.

I’ll Listen and Guide You.

I understand that writing a business plan is a daunting task. You need someone who will listen to you and help you through the process. That’s me. I am not just a writer; I am also a coach.

We can talk about your business ideas, different financing options available to you, growth opportunities, marketing ideas or about startups in general. When you call, you’ll get my direct line and end up talking to me.


How I Help You Write

The Perfect Business Plan

As an experienced business plan writer, I know that a successful plan has to be a collaborative effort. This is why I work with you on your plan and together we make it unique to you and your business.

Fusing your specific expertise with my business plan writing experience leaves you with the perfect business plan – one that will get your business idea off the ground

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Did you know that Concise Business Plans are the Most Effective Business Plans?

Successful business plans are concise business plans. Much like you, a banker or investor does not have the time to read all day. It is my job to give them what they really need to make an informed decision. My “bank ready” plans consist of 4 cornerstones:

Concept Development

An idea and a concept are very different things. Every new entrepreneur has an idea; but few have a clearly defined  business concept.

Financial Forecast

This is where your plan needs to be strongest. Banks lend to people who can  “prove” that their concept works. Your forecast does that.

Start-up Costs

Before you start your business, you must know exactly how much money you’ll need. You must accurately project those costs to the penny.

Marketing Strategy

To meet the sales’ targets in your financial forecast, you need to have the right marketing push and the right sales’ strategy in place.