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Work one-on-one with a
Professional Business Plan Writer

“We can work with you to help you create the best plan for your unique business. Together, we can refine your concept, prove it through detailed financials and then support it with a clear and concise plan.”
Paul Morgan, President Plan2Profit.

About Our Business Plans

7 Day Turnaround black plane Lender-Approved

  • “Financial Forecast”

  • $699 – $899

  • This is for entrepreneurs who have almost everything ready for their plan but need help with their numbers. We will conduct an extensive interview with you and collect all the information we require to build you a comprehensive financial forecast. We then take your information and shape it into a completed financial forecast. Before we have the plan formatted, we go over the numbers with you to ensure that you understand them completely.

  • “Bank Ready

  • $1599

  • With this plan, you get expert coaching throughout the process. You get to work one-on-one with your own business plan advisor and together you craft a plan that ensures you will be truly “Bank Ready”. It carries all the essentials you need to meet with a banker and this includes an introduction/overview, financial forecast, itemized list of start-up expenses, marketing strategy and a roster of strategic players.

  • “Investor

  • $2499

  • With this plan you get all the elements of the “Bank Ready” plan and as well you receive additional coaching to prepare you to meet with Private Lenders, Angels and/or Venture Capitalists. We know what investors want to see and we will make you “Investor Ready”. We educate and coach you so that you are prepared for your meeting. In the end, you are left with a top rate plan and the knowledge needed to secure funds.

Detailed financial forecasts and

Custom, Tailored Plans

We do not use templates or “canned” fill-in-the-blank business plans. When you work with us, you work with a business plan developer who will listen to you, challenge your assumptions, suggest ideas and refine your concept. From there, we collaborate to develop the most concise, methodical financial forecast available – guaranteed. Then we will develop a written plan to support it.

We offer

Payment Options

We have different payment plans. If you  choose to pay up-front, you can save $200. If you want to pay as you go, we accept payments as we finish sections of your plan. We leave it up to you.
When we invoice you, you can pay by credit card, by PayPal or by bank transfer. Whatever works best for you, works for us.


No interns or ghostwriters

Work 1-on-1 with an Expert

It is important to note that we do not outsource to ghostwriters or pass the work off to interns or recent MBA graduates. Instead, when you hire us, you get your own business plan expert – from start to finish. We take the time to connect with you and personally write the business plan “with” you. People who work with our professional business plan writers consider us their partner and rightfully so. We are here to stand in your corner and guide you the entire way.
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